Todo 4.0

Coming soon!

Have a feature you’d like to see in my handy-dandy task list program? Let me know! Send an email to joel.bennett[at]live [dot]ca.

Here’s a brief list of features I’m looking at for Todo 4.0:

  • Customize-able categories for tasks (work, home, school, etc.)
  • Improved window management (multiple tasks open at once, resizeable windows, double click to open tasks)
  • Configurable columns on the main grid
  • Window positions, sort order, etc. are remembered when Todo 4.0 is re-opened.
  • Support for importing/exporting tasks in various formats
  • Searchable tasks (similar to Google’s Chrome Ctrl+F to find text on a page)
  • Improved reminder handling

Here’s some features that may or not make the cut:

  • Color-coded priority for tasks on the main task list
  • Separate section for notes
  • Built in support for printing of tasks

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