NIHB Medical Services Application

NIHB Medical Services Application

The Non-Insured Health Benefits Medical Services Application is a simple application for filling out, maintaining, and printing out a government form used by Canadian pharmacies when a patient requests such benefits. This application allows the pharmacist to quickly fill out the form with existing information, thus saving time, effort, and avoiding possible confusion.


The NIHB Medical Services Application has the following features:

  • Simple to use, quick to fill out primary form.
  • Easily maintained lists of patient, doctors, diagnoses, explain requirements, and medical items.
  • Print preview to prevent inappropriately filled out forms.
  • Saving of historical forms for reference purposes.


Q. I’m interested in using the NIHB Medical Services Application. Where can I download it?

A. The NIHB Medical Services Application is currently undergoing additional user testing before its public release. If you want to be made known when it will become available for sale, send me an email (joel.bennett[at]

Q. Something isn’t working right, or I’m not sure how it works…

A. For any questions, comments, or concerns about the application, contact me directly via email at: joel.bennett[at]

Q. I’m in need of Non-Insured Health Benefits. Where can I learn more about it?

A. The government website for NIHB can be found here.


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