Game Development Related Links

Over the past while I’ve managed to collect quite a few links to various blogs, articles, and news sites for game development related things. Here’s a bunch of them.

General Game Development

Classic Mistakes Enumerated – a bunch of things that often go wrong in the development process.

Sloperama’s Game Design FAQ, Advice


Toymaker’s XNA tutorials


Executing file IO with serialisation

Fabulous Adventures in Coding – An MSDN blog with a lot of C# related goodness in it.

AssemblyVersion incrementing in C# vs. VB.Net – a handy thing to know when keeping track of build versions, etc.

Remoting and Distributed Computing in C#

Simple Client-server Interactions using C# – an introduction to using .Net sockets. I personally prefer to keep things really simple and use Lidgren, but each to his own.

Socket Programming in C# – Part I I’m not sure where Part II is, but here’s part I.

The Simplest C# Events Example Imaginable – A nice introduction to C# events and event handling.

SMTP/POP3/IMAP4/WebMail Server in C#

Threading in C# – a huge resource on how to do threading in C#. Important stuff, this is!

Windows Services: New Base Classes in .Net Make Writing a Windows Service Easy – an intro to Windows Services. Unfortunately you can’t create them in the express or standard versions of Visual Studio.

DirectX and other Graphics Programming stuff

Remier’s DirectX using C# tutorial series

SlimDX – a .Net wrapper around DirectX. It’s pretty slick, as it has a decent following and is continually updated for the latest version of DirectX.

CircleSoft – has a bunch of articles on various topics, including shaders.

High Dynamic Range Rendering – an article on on how to do High Dynamic Range Rendering.

Brute Force terrain rendering – brief article that covers brute force terrain rendering in DirectX.

MVPS (Most Valuable Professional) Articles – Various articles, mostly DirectX related.

Working with the DirectX .X File Format and Animation in DirectX 9.0 – another article at covering exactly what it says.

Toymaker – links to a bunch of articles/tutorials on various programming subjects.

GPU Gems 2 – Part I – Geometric Complexity

GPU Gems 2 – Part II – Shading, Lighting, and Shadows

GPU Gems 2 – Part III: High-Quality Rendering

GPU Gems 2 – Part IV: General-Purpose Computations on GPUS: A Primer
GPU Gems 2 -Part V: Image-Oriented Computing

GPU Gems 2 – Part VI: Simulation and Numerical Algorithms

Core Techniques & Algorithms in Shader Programming – tutorials from Game Developers Conference 2008.

Source Engine BSP File Format – Half Life 2 file format description


An Oriented Bounding Box Intersection Test

Gaffer on Games – Game Physics – a series of articles about game physics (including 3D and networking physics).

Discussion about screensavers (C++) – old, but it still might be useful to some.

Tutorial on Constructive Solid Geometry (C++)

Music and Audio

The Freesound Project – a bunch of free to use sounds.

Tools and Whatnot

.Net Reflector – a tool to explore .Net assemblies, and a bunch of other stuff.

ATi (AMD) Developer Central – links to all the tools, articles, and resources by AMD.

Free Resource Thread – the mother of all sources of game development resources. Hasn’t been updated in a while, but still has a bunch of good stuff.


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