Passion for Learning

I hope I never grow tired of learning new things.

In some respects, this is great.  I never grow bored of life.  There’s far too many interesting things out there.  The world is filled with interesting problems, and even more interesting solutions.

In other respects, it is a bit of a curse.  Because of this, I have far too many interests.  As the saying goes, “jack of all trades, master of none”.  I sometimes feel like I don’t have the depth of knowledge that I’d like in particular subjects.

It’s amazing how deep you can go down the rabbit hole.  Let’s just take programming as an example.  For my day job I work with Python and Django, and in my spare time at home I occasionally play around with C# and ASP.Net.  There’s a ton of interesting technologies out there.  For example, suppose you are shooting for more performance for a web app, so you start digging into caching.  So you start learning about Redis, and other key-value stores.  That leads you down the path of learning about cache misses, specific implementations of hash tables, and fast hashing algorithms.  That area of computer science alone has claimed many a PhD student. 😛

I think my ultimate dream job would be where I get paid to learn, and on occasion, get to apply/unleash that knowledge on an interesting problem.


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