The Giraffe Principle

I discovered something a few years back that I call the giraffe principle:

If you are willing to reach, you can get things other people haven’t gotten to.

The first time I really noticed this was in the grocery store, when shopping for fruit.  All of the fruit closest to the edges of the bins was thoroughly picked over, but the fruit that was further away had better selection.  It was ripe, less bruised, and better smelling.*  People were basically being lazy and picking whatever fruit was closest to them, rather than reaching a bit further away and getting a better piece of fruit.  This really could be re-worded:

You can expect the same results with the same behaviour.  Different results will require different behaviour.

If you want to do something great, you’ll have to do something different than the average person.  Rather than watching TV in the evening (like an average person probably does), or checking Facebook 20 times a day, do something else.

In my case, that “something else” has been a few different things: woodworking, web programming, cooking, etc.  I have a huge amount of respect for those that produce content, rather than consume it.  For example (and a bit ironically), lately I’ve been watching a lot of Cody’s Lab, Engineering Explained, and This Old Tony on YouTube.  I suspect each of them are getting a decent little income from YouTube.  It almost makes me want to start recording some of the things I do.

Footnote: when purchasing fruit, don’t be afraid to smell it.  Smell and taste are related, and if it has less smell, it’ll probably have less taste as well.  This works for things like apples or peaches, but not so well for bananas. 😛


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