Losing Sight of the Goal: Making Stuff

As a software developer, it’s your job to make something.  Maybe it’s a website.  Maybe it’s a mobile phone app.  Maybe it’s a hat trading simulator for the core of a video game.  Either way, your job is to make something.  Sometimes you aren’t writing code.  That’s completely okay.

Maybe it’s just my Canadian background, but have you ever heard the adage about spending 90% of your time sharpening your ax, and 10% actually cutting?  The ratios are likely swapped, but there’s some truth to it.  In doing your job – making stuff – you sometimes need to do a bit of research.  You might not know how something works, so you spend time reading API documentation, Wikipedia articles, or ancient PDFs of algorithms that you need to use, but don’t understand.  You often need to discuss things with co-works, clients, or shareholders, send emails, and write documentation.  That’s time that you aren’t spending writing code, but that is still time spent doing your job – making stuff.

Never lose sight that the goal is to make something – not write code.


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