Fun bug in Moodle: Grader Report not showing grades

I can’t remember if I have mentioned this before, so I will, just in case anyone else out there runs across this same issue.

The University of Lethbridge uses Moodle for most of its labs.  Last semester I was teaching a lab, as well as was the lab coordinator for several labs.  When it came to the end of the semester, the instructor I was working with wanted marks in a spreadsheet.  Easy enough, I figured.  I pulled the grades up on the Grader Report, and copied them into the spreadsheet.  

It was around this time that I got a message from a student asking about his grade.  For several of his assignments, it wasn’t showing a mark despite him submitting an assignment, and despite it being marked.  Sure enough, I went in and checked, and it did appear that he had submitted the assignments, and that they were graded, but when I checked the Grader Report, it would just show a “-“.  

This was a bit beyond me why it might do this, so I had to go pester the on-campus Moodle team.  They eventually figured it out:  If an assignment is uploaded but not “submitted” (i.e.: the student uploaded the files but never clicked the submit button), and the assignment gets graded before the assignment due date, the mark won’t show in the Grader Report.  

I can only imagine how complicated the logic must be in Moodle, and how ‘interesting’ the schema must be…


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