An interesting use for Google Glass?

After reading an article about Google Glass on Engadget, it got me thinking – could Google Glass be used to do a sort of video-conferencing, but rather than seeing the other people, you see what they see?  That could be pretty nifty.  

I hate to make the analogy, but it could be a lot like the video game Deus Ex.  As you are walking around, you’ll get calls from other agents.  They appear with a picture of the person (not video, just a picture) of who is calling.  You don’t ever have to stop, pull out your phone, and hold it up to your ear.  With the Google Glass implementation of it, they would be able to see what you are seeing.  It really could be quite valuable for someone who needs a repairman.  Rather than describing the problem over the phone, or snapping a picture and emailing it, it would be easier to just call them up and let them see exactly as you see it.

Up until this point, I’ve seen Google Glass as a fairly useless pet project.  I haven’t yet seen any reason why it would be any more useful than a regular mobile phone, other than the fact that you don’t have to pull it out of your pocket.  (And unlike wearing a Google Glass device, at least with a mobile phone you don’t look like a tool).  At the very least, a project like this could make it seem a little more useful.


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