Six Years…

I had no idea that I’ve had a WordPress blog for six years.  I suppose time flies when you are having fun!

Recently I’ve come across two amazing things:

1. This:  Seriously – read it if you haven’t.  It’s a blog post by Brian Hook – an Id employee who worked next to John Carmack.  It totally rang true as I was reading it – how many times I’ve thought something like ‘Oh, I can do that in two hours’, only to not have it done two days later.  This past week I really tried to work a lot harder, and I think it showed.  I was able to get a lot more coding done than what I had previous coding sessions.  I tried following the advice of listening to some nice, ambient music while coding – nothing too distracting.  If I wasn’t busy coding/thinking about what I was working on (for example, checking Twitter), I’d pause the music.  I started to notice an interesting connection: I enjoyed listening to the music (even if it was quite/ambient stuff), so I’d naturally gravitate to going back to work so I could start listening again.  I don’t know if that was really intentional or not, but it was an interesting side-effect of things. 

2. I’ve rediscovered the BEPUphysics library: .  It’s seriously 10 times more awesome than what I remember.  I was looking through the demos included in it, and a colleague of mine said “There’s got to be a game in here somewhere!”, indicating that even just taking one of the demos and turning into a game could be awesome.  That got me thinking: how long would it take, if a person was using BEPUphysics, XNA, and Lidgren, to hack out a rough Quake 3 clone?  Could it be done in a single weekend?  I’m guessing it could.  It’s pretty amazing to think that that sort of thing is now possible when ten years ago it wasn’t (at least not to the same level as it is now – unless you happen to be John Carmack, or John Carmackian in nature).


Screenshot of BEPU in action.  Seriously, it’s almost a game already!


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