How to figure out how large your Hotmail inbox is…

This is for anyone still running the older Windows Live interface for Hotmail.

The other day I was wanting to figure out how much space my Hotmail account was using.  Unlike GMail, this is something that Microsoft doesn’t obviously state, and they don’t ever seem to explicitly state that you only have so much room.  That being said, I did just stumble across how to see the size of all your emails.

First, bring your mouse over the “Folders” label on the left hand side.  You should see a small gear icon, like this:
Click on it.  

Now you should be taken to a page showing all your folders and how many messages are in each one, as well as the size of each one.  Conveniently at the bottom is a total.  Mine looks like this:


And there you have it – you now know the size of all your emails!

Unfortunately Microsoft will be forcing everyone over to the new Outlook style inbox, which I personally dislike, so this will only work up until then.  



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