M-Day: 1

Today was mostly getting introduced to people and getting things set up. That being said, I still don’t have internet access at home or wireless access at school. Thankfully there are machines that I can log in to at least to check email and I’ve got a roommate willing to share some wireless on his private internet connection for a little while.  (The wireless at the school either doesn’t work, or requires antivirus to be installed and a laptop to be left with IT while they make sure it is good enough to be on their network).  On the plus side, I’ll be getting a 25 megabit connection for $30/month at home.  The down side: it won’t be hooked up until next week.

By the sounds of it, I’ll be teaching a lab for a basic computer course. I’m a bit nervous about this prospect, as I don’t think I’ve actually ever taught anything computer related. Despite being nervous about that, I’m certainly less nervous today than I was yesterday. I chatted a bit with some of the other master’s students (of which there are more than I thought!) and my supervisors, and they seem to think that the idea I originally pitched for my thesis has merit. Everything that I’ve heard (or at least that I remember hearing) about thesises (thesii?) is that they are big and scary. Perhaps it’s actually not as bad as people make it out to be? I guess I’ll eventually find out.

I still have yet to figure out the ideal route to/from school, despite having been there three times so far.  Currently it involves cutting across a lot of grass (through a park).  I definitely won’t be able to keep that up through winter, unless I learn to like getting my shoes/boots stuffed full of snow.


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