Just a collection of parts…

I was chatting with a friend a few days ago about a tech demo that he had created several years ago. It was really quite impressive looking at the time, and he was able to make a short game out of it where you were a pirate and had to collect some treasure.

In talking, he described it as ‘really not much more than a model loader’*. The interesting part about that is that it was mostly true – it really was just a model loader hooked up to a physics engine. At the same time though, he was able to make a game out of it. This brings me to today’s point:

Who cares if it’s a collection of parts? It’s how it plays that really matters.

It doesn’t really matter if you’ve managed to create the latest greatest renderer – if there’s no gameplay to play, people won’t play it. Don’t be afraid to cobble together a collection of parts and make something out of it.

I always find it interesting when people use/abuse technology to make it do things that the creators of it did not originally intend. I can’t wait until someone manages to abuse my simple scripting system or my dialog system and tools or whatever it is I come up with.

*Not his exact words, but a general idea.


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