Not Dead

I’ve been awfully quite on here recently. There’s been a lot going on in my life, so I haven’t had a lot of time to do much technical writing, let alone much programming. But great news! Things are changing. Here’s what’s new:

I finally got myself a mobile computing platform! A big-box retailer had a deal on netbooks, so I managed to pick myself up an HP Mini 210 for $229. (The original store I was going to look at was sold out, so I got a competitor (which is really owned by the same parent company) to price match it. I even managed to get a silver one! So far I’m pretty impressed with the unit, especially for that price. It’s even got the six cell battery, which is pretty amazing given the price. So far I’ve used it a few times while riding the bus to/from work. It makes the commute seem insanely short, rather than the usual impatient ride that I have. I find that knowing I only have 10 minutes or so to program something, I’m a lot more productive.

I’m also working again on making a dialog system for an XNA based game. I’m currently working on a quick ‘n dirty editor to whip up some Deus Ex style conversations. It’s nice to be working on something like that in my spare time again.


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