Mid-week update

EDIT: Somehow I missed posting this way back in February… so I’m posting it now, hoping that someone may find it useful in the future.

Since I’ve got a number of things on the go, I figured I’d try a slightly different format for my usual update…

SQL Server and ASP.Net

So over the weekend (Friday, Saturday) I was having some issues getting my ASP.Net application talking to SQL Server 2005. I was getting an error message about “provider: Named Pipes Provider, error: 40 – Could not open a connection to SQL Server” (or something along those lines). It was frustrating because I was able to write SQL statements and execute them just fine from SQL Server Studio, yet attempting to execute the simplest stored procedure from my ASP.Net app would fail. By doing a quick googling I could tell I was certainly not the only person with this problem.

What fixed it? A full uninstall and reinstall of SQL Server. I went into the Add/Remove Programs (or whatever it’s equivalent is called in Vista) and removed anything with SQL Server in the name. I then reinstalled SQL Server 2005. What I suspect was causing the problem was having both installed on the same machine was confusing things. I would have been happy with SQL Server Express, but I did manage to get things working with the full blown SQL Server 2005 Standard install.


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