Vertical Slice

I’ve been trying to follow coverage of the Game Developer’s Conference currently going on in San Francisco. There seems to be a bit of chatter about using Vertical Slices in development. It turns out this is exactly what I’ve been doing with my current ASP.Net project!

I don’t think this is really anything new, especially to those using some sort of agile development. To me it makes perfect sense – “get it working, then get it working well”. The key to the whole process though, seems to be that you need to get your structure right before you build too much onto it. If you butcher your initial structure and try to add more to it, there’s a good chance it’ll collapse under its own weight. That could also be seen as an advantage too – the initial pass at making a slice will show how well the structure is laid out. If it takes too long to make a slice, it could mean that you’ve over-engineered the application structure. If it doesn’t ‘seem right’, then at least you haven’t sunk a bunch of time into something that will be trashed.

Cool stuff, I think!


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