Mid-week update

Time for yet another mid-week update.

Nothing much going on in the programming front, other than the ASP.Net project I’m working on is slowly coming along. I still have a few things to work out though, and a few areas of risk that I’d definitely like to know more about before I have go go ahead with things. I’ve never actually set up a working ASP.Net site on a machine not hosted by myself, so that is one area of concern. I’ve currently got my project split up into an ASP.Net website and two Class Libraries, but I have no idea if I can even run unregistered .dlls on the hosting that I have chosen. This has me somewhat concerned.

I’m also a little bit worried about the overall look of the site, as I’ve never used CSS before (I know, I know, time to crawl out of the cave. Web development just isn’t my thing). Luckily I’ve got an acquaintance who has used CSS before, so I’m hoping he can lend a hand. If not, I’ll just hack the thing together using tables, but I’d rather not do that. (Yes, I did just hear the sound of a thousand web developers crying out in pain).

So, to make a long list short, here’s what I’m still concerned about:

  • Working with DLLs running on the hosted web space. I have no idea if this is allowed or not, or how it works.
  • Writing to a .csv file on the server. Again, I have no idea if this is allowed. As a last resort I could just dump everything to a GridView, but a .csv generating function would be way more handy.
  • If I do get DLLs running on the server, along with a .csv generator, I need to secure it somehow. I’m hoping that the ASP.Net forms authentication can handle that.
  • Gettng everything to look pretty using CSS. Currently things are a bit of a jumbled mess of div and paragraph tags, mixed in with a few ASP.Net labels.
  • Getting everything done on time. I’ve got roughly a week and a half before I wanted to have it all live and functioning.
  • Getting my SQL Server database up on the hosted SQL Server instance. I’m hoping that I can just export it from my local SQL Server 2005 instance and upload it to theirs as some sort of dump file.
  • Getting the right connection string for the SQL Server attached to the hosting. Again, I’ve never done something like that before, and I really hope it is just a matter of them supplying a connection string and things just working.

Rather than going on about what doesn’t work, I could talk about what does work. I’ve got ASP.Net forms authentication working. I’ve got pretty much all the publicly accessible forms done (at least to the point where they work, not to the point where they look pretty). Maybe half of the admin viewable forms are done, and any difficult bits of getting things to actually talk to the SQL Server are working (so far).

So, that’s more or less what I’ve been up to.

On a completely unrelated note, I was watching the latest video (‘vidoc’) for Halo: Reach, and managed to pause it at a certain point where it was showing some of the development workstations. Thanks to the HD nature of the video I was able to see that they were using python (for some scripting, I think) and Maya for their animating. Pretty cool stuff, especially since I have done a little bit in Maya.

The more I learn, the less impossible the unreachable becomes.


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