Icing and Cake

(For my American readers, icing is what you would refer to as ‘frosting’)

The other evening I was thinking about cake and icing. People seem to like both cake and icing. Cake on it’s own, without icing is too plain, boring, or dry. Icing on it’s own is too sweet to eat very much. When the two are put together, though, the overall product is much more desirable.

This isn’t about icing and cake. It’s about balance and a solid foundation.

So often I see posts in various forums where new members of the community demand to know what everything is about. They expect to be spoon-fed answers to questions that have answers which are easily found (usually in the Frequently Asked Questions). They want to be able to make amazing games that compete with the latest triple-A titles that take many man-years of development, and yet aren’t willing to even do a simple search for answers to the questions they ask.

Likewise, people seem to want to live in the newest, biggest houses, drive the fastest cars, and spend time with the most attractive women. They see the sweet icing of the cake, and they want it.

People also seem to want the sweet rewards of a close relationship, but aren’t willing to put in the quality time and effort that it takes to form such a relationship. Relationships built on lustful desires rarely last.

Here’s a little one of life’s lessons:

You can’t expect to have the sweetest things in life if you aren’t willing to pay the price.

If you want the icing, you’d better be prepared to make and eat some cake.

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