Hey Autodesk, Listen up!

So a while ago, back when I was in university I had a chance to take a class on 3D modelling using Maya 2008. I quite enjoyed the class and found the skills that I learned there could easily be applied to making models for video games I’d like to make. Unfortunately, as a student I didn’t buy an educational copy of Maya because it was an expense that I couldn’t then justify. Now that I’m no longer in school and am making money I decided to take another look at it. Unfortunately the price had gone up another $1500! $1500 more than the $2000 that they were already asking! Yeesh! Here’s the thing – I don’t need all the features or all the fancy renders or that – I just need a modelling, skinning, rigging, and texturing tool to make some fairly simple models for a homemade game. There’s no way in heck I’m paying $4500 for Maya now, despite me actually having a job and having more money now. I still can’t justify that kind of expense.

Hey Autodesk, listen up! I’m not going to pirate your software, and I’m not going to pay out the nose for it! What I will do is take my business (and my money) elsewhere. What you could do though is release a cut down version for the indie gaming community! Get people hooked on the cheapo version and you might actually sell a few more copies of the full blown thing, rather than having people resorting to piracy.

There’s a niche market there, just waiting to be tapped. Hey Autodesk, if you don’t get on it, somebody else will – and they will be the ones cashing in from it.

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