Coming Along…

So I’ve slowly been doing a little bit more work on Todo 4.0. Things are slowly coming along, but I’ve got a minor design decision to make. On the side bar, where you can add/edit/delete tasks, I currently have three buttons – one to add a new task (“Add Task”), one to save changes (“Modify”), and one to delete a task (“Delete”). I’ve been thinking about removing the “Modify” button and have it automatically save the changes made to a task. This would help clean up the UI and make it a little bit more like Microsoft OneNote (which automatically saves everything). Of course the downside to this is if someone makes a change to a task and doesn’t want to save it (say, accidentally pasting something over top of the task details), and that change is automatically saved.

So, here’s a chance to voice your opinion:

I’ve more or less put anything XNA related on hold until I get Todo 4.0 done – that way I actually have some motivation to get Todo 4.0 “done”.

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