Telus – Oh, believe me, I will!

So I recently had a roommate move out that had all the utilities in his name, so it was agreed that I would take over the place and switch everything over into my name. He went ahead and called all the utilities to let them know about the switch-over, and then I called them and got things arranged. At least I thought I did.

The other night, a friend was at our place and said that the caller ID was still showing up as being in the old roommate’s name, even after I had called and gotten all the details switched over almost a month ago. Then, last night I got a call from my old roommate who said that he got an e-bill from Telus (our telephone and internet provider), which he should not have gotten. Not only that, but it was larger than normal (I’m guessing because of the charge of having the billing information switched over). Now you’d think that even after I called and had the switch the billing information over to my old Telus account, and had everything switched over to my name, that I would be the one getting the bill. Apparently not.

On top of all of this, they called several times during the day throughout the last month asking for my old roommate, even after being told several times that he has moved out. Hey, take a freakin’ hint – he’s moved out and no longer lives here! I shouldn’t need to tell you that half a dozen times!

So, I’m going to issue an apology in advance to the poor sap who is going to get an earful tonight: I’m sorry that you have to work a low-paying job at a call center, especially for Telus. I don’t personally hate you, your mother, or your dog, it’s Telus I hate.

Telus, if you want my money, maybe you should be sending the bill to the right person.

Since I’m in ranting mode…

Also, Fido (my cell phone provider), if you want my money as well, maybe you should make sure your online payment system is up and running all the time. The first time I went to go pay my bill online on your website I wasn’t able to access it because your online payment system was down. You’d think that, you know, being a business and all, you’d make it nice and easy for me to give you money. Then, this past time when I went to pay my bill I again had issues with your online payment system, which repeatedly booted me back to the main page without any reason. You might want to fix that.

One comment

  1. Joel

    Ok, for anyone reading this now – don’t freak out. I didn’t lose it on the poor call center employee after being on hold for 5-10 minutes.

    Still though, it’d be nice if Telus could actually do things right. Same with Rogers (who said that they wouldn’t charge for incoming text messages one summer, and by the next they were), and Fido.

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