Another shameless plug and a quick update…

Todo 4.0 is slowly coming along. I’ve been trying to put in 5 minutes a day, which has been a challenge. Right now I’ve got it saving the task list and I’m working on getting it loading the task list. Certainly nothing too exciting yet, but it’ll be nice to get it to the point where I can use it to keep track of it’s own bugs/todo comments/fixes/tweaks. Nothing quite like using the tool you are building to help with development of itself!

So it appears that is having another contest of sorts. If I help spread the word about GameX (a game industry expo, of sorts), as well as GameX IS (more of a technical summit presentation type thing), I could get a chance at winning a free ticket to it along with some other cool stuff. To be completely honest, I wasn’t aware that such an expo or summit existed. I would be interested in hearing from Clint Hocking (Ubisoft Montreal) especially, being a Canadian and all. I keep forgetting that there are companies other than EA (in Vancouver area) and Bioware (Edmonton area) that are doing game development in Canada.

Oh, and if I win the pass to it, I’ll have to pass it on to someone else. Either that or book a few days of work, find a cheap flight and a cheap hotel to Philly, and enjoy myself. I’m not entirely sure how well that’d work, but it could turn out to be a proper adventure…


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