There really isn’t a lot to give an update of, but whatever.

I stumbled across this interesting story about some Sims 3 behavior. Pretty cool stuff. I didn’t realize that the Sims 3 was actually that different than the Sims 1 or 2 (although I can’t say I have played either). Either way, that sort of emergent behavior (if you want to call it that) is pretty cool and makes for some interesting dynamics.

I’ve been messing around a little bit with making a fully 3D camera in XNA – one which can look around in any direction as well as roll. It seems as though any other implementation of a first person style camera doesn’t have the ability to roll. I tried doing something with rolling the camera a year or so ago and wasn’t successful in getting it to work. So far things are looking promising, but the rolling is still causing issues. For me, I want to get camera roll working for a few reasons. For one, having a fully 3D camera with roll in outer space could make for some pretty cool effects. Also, having just a bit of camera bob or sway (such as when the player is running) could be pretty cool.


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