Todo 4.0

I did a tiny bit of work on Todo 4.0 last night. I did switch the main Task tab over to use a SplitView container. It works quite well, but it also seems to refresh differently than my other setup for the Notes tab. Either way, I think the bulk of the UI stuff is done for both the Tasks tab and the Notes tab. If I feel up to it tonight perhaps I will work a bit more on actual functionality. I’ve been slowly chipping away on the Notes tab because it seems like the easiest of the three, and once I can get it up and running I can use it to keep track of stuff I still need to do to the other parts of the app. (I figured it’d take less work to get the Notes tab up and running than the Tasks tab, so the faster I have something working the sooner I can start using the app to keep track of it’s own issues).

I’m still not really sure what I am going to do with the Goals tab. My original idea was to have a section for goals, a section for notes, and a section for tasks. Goals would keep track of long range things, notes would keep track of notes (that aren’t necessarily tasks or goals), and tasks would be things that could actually be done. I’ve been thinking about a goal being a description of what you want to accomplish and have a list of associated tasks to help you get that goal done. The thing is, I don’t want people to feel constrained in that they feel a goal is only another list of tasks. I don’t think a goal should just be a list of tasks.

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