Gem of the Day

I stumbled across this beautiful post over at Gamasutra. Theres’ definitely some nuggets of wisdom in there for anyone who is either currently unemployed, underemployed, unhappily employed, or un-gainfully employed (ie: underpaid/undervalued).

Things with Todo 4.0 are slowly coming along. I didn’t do as much work on it over the long weekend I had hoped to, but that’s just fine. The great thing about working on your own project in your own time is that you get to set your own deadlines and your own pace. There’d be no point in having me burn out because I worked 8 hours a day writing software and come home and spent another 8 hours writing more software at home. I don’t want to burn out.

Besides, I figure once Todo 4.0 is ‘done’* I’ll use it to track progress on my other current project which has also been slowly moving forward. (I do mean slowly!)

* I use the word ‘done’ in a figurative sense. I will call it ‘done’ when I’m at the point with it that everything works like it should, there are no annoying features, and I feel comfortable releasing it to the great people of the internet. If I had to put an actual time estimate on it, I’d give it at least another two months.


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