Post-Weekend Update

Over the weekend I thought of something important that I had left out of my previous post – state!

I did actually do a little bit of programming on Saturday. Buttons are now clickable! I did come across an interesting issue that took me a bit of thinking to get around (hey, it was the weekend, give me a break!). I had it so that my custom made button would raise an event when clicked. Since the button was on a GameScreen, I figured I would have the GameScreen also raise an event to say “Hey, go fullscreen!”. This didn’t really work though, as for whatever reason, it kept throwing an exception. It didn’t like me passing in the “this” from within an event handler on the GameScreen. I ended up creating a property on the GameScreen that raised the “Hey, go fullscreen!” event from within the property. That seemed to work, although I’m still not quite sure what the difference is.

On a different note, I am digging the process of seeing Dark Age growing up. It looks like the project is really starting to take shape.

And, on a completely different note, I am wondering with all this panicking about swine flu in Mexico how hard it would be to get a sweet deal on an inclusive package somewhere nice. A local news article said that a five star inclusive package went for as low as $577. Maybe I should take a vacation now, rather than later in the year… 😛


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