Almost Mid-Week Update

So I was wrong about Google Chrome with a few things. It turns out that the Microsoft Intellipoint drivers were making it so that I had to double click the middle mouse wheel to open a link in a new tab. I uninstalled the Intellipoint drivers, and things magically worked like they should. The only thing that is really preventing me from using it as my primary browswer is the lack of a search bar on the top right like IE (with easily changeable search providers), as well as a way to create a list of restricted websites (usually advertising related ones for me, as it prevents ads from showing).

The weather was so nice last night that I decided to go for a run. I haven’t really done any running since doing the 6 KM Moonlight Run last spring, so it’s been about a year. I did about 5 KM, and felt like an old man when I got home and tried to sit down and take off my shoes.

As for programming stuff, again it has been another week of non-programming. Well, actually, it’s been a week of pretty much nothing, other than browsing facebook. At least I have been thinking about the next version of my Todo list application, as well as some other more game programming related stuff. That’s got to count for something, right? Or not…


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