Mid-Week Update

Hmm, it’s crazy to think that it’s already half way through the week. It’s even crazier to think that I haven’t done any programming at home in quite a while. So, rather than me boring you too much, here’s an article on Twenty Essential Design Questions.

Also, here is an awesome video of Mike Rowe (the host from the show “Dirty Jobs” on Discovery Channel) talking about work. Warning though – the beginning of the video starts with him telling a story about castrating sheep. He does raise a good point though, on how we seem to be declaring a war on work. “Spend less time at the office! Make $$$ in only a few hours a week! Make your life easier by buying our product! Get more done with less effort!” Sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it? I’d say.

It’s my personal opinion that this is how the US economy is going to get fixed. Spending trillions of dollars won’t get you anywhere. What will get you somewhere is the same thing that got you there in the first place – hard work, determination, and a willingness to act on a desire for something better.


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