Sort-of-but-not-yet Mid Week Update

So unfortunately the Calgary Gathering is being rescheduled.

I finally got around to checking out Google Chrome – google’s web browswer. I must say that it is indeed very slick, but there are a few things that would prevent me from using it as my main browser of choice. For one, there is no way to adjust the sensitivity of the scroll wheel on the mouse. I’m using a standard Microsoft Wheelmouse Optical, and it scrolls at least half a page with each click of the wheel. IE scrolls only three lines or so at a time, like it should. Also, a lack of plug-ins that are Chrome compatable is a major drawback. I do love how each tab runs in it’s own process, and how you can break off tabs into separate windows. That, and in IE, it takes me at least a good second or two to open a new tab. In Chrome there is no noticeable lag. Hey Microsoft, take note!

Yet again, my week has become quite busy, so I don’t expect to be doing much programming at home. I also picked up a new flash (a nikon SB-600) for my camera, so I’ll probably be playing around with that when I get a chance. I got it with the intention of shooting some Engagement photos for a friend later this week. Unfortunately the first flash that I picked up was defective, and refused to flash no matter what I did. I took it back today and they were fine with me exchanging it. I couldn’t quite justify the almost doubling in price for the SB-900, especially for the amount that I will use it.

Anyway, back to programming. Ravuya from kindly reminded me of my idea to do a Trespasser clone in XNA. I had almost forgotten about it, and have been playing around with some GUI stuff, as well as a few other things I’ve been toying around with in my mind. There is a significant amount in common between the two projects, which should be helpful. What isn’t helpful is that I still haven’t committed 100% to

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