The Not Quite Regular, Not Quite Mid-week Update

I’m typing this up while I install some things at work…

You may have noticed two screenshots that I posted the other day. There really isn’t anything new except for the word-wrap, which I plan on using extensively. I also pulled across some other GUI functions from a previous project – converting relative coordinates to absolute coordinates. That way I can specify things like “I want this to be 90% of the way to the right and 10% towards the bottom of the screen” and it will spit back the absolute coordinates in screen space, given the resolution the thing is running at. I think I will do a few more small GUI things before I move into the 3D stuff. Again, I have’t done nearly as much programming as I thought I would do at home, but after sitting in front of a compiler for 8+ hours a day, you don’t really feel like doing that for a few more hours at home (even if it is working on pretty different stuff).

Hmm, I just remembered that I also need to finish my “Foundations of a Fun Game” article that I still haven’t tweaked. I need to re-write the Introduction and conclusion, and it should be good to send off to to be published. Of course that is the other 90% of writing an article that I still haven’t completed.

Well, I’d better get back to work for the last bit of the day.


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