Pre-Weekend Update

I just found out that the Bungie online store is no longer open. How sad! What made me want to look at their merchandise was an advertisement I saw for an upcoming comic convention here in Calgary. I have never been to one before, and was sort of curious to know what they would have there. Apparently Sean Astin is going to be there, but I can’t quite bring myself to pay the $30 they would want for a picture with him.

I’ve also learned another important life lesson. Putting bananas in your backpack on a cold day will cause them to go brown really quick. That, and if you have a banana (or more than one banana) in your backpack, be careful what you lean against. A bumpy subway ride while leaning against something can make quick work of a banana in a backpack, if not careful.

I’ve also been trying to follow the various feeds from the Game Developer’s Conference over this past week. There’s been some pretty cool sounding discussions that have taken place. I’d like to take more time to read over them, but things have been busy. Go do yourself a favour and poke around at Gamasutra, where a bunch of it is posted.


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