Bad Syntax Makes for a Bad Day

EDIT: This was written up yesterday, but I forgot to post it then. I’m in a much better mood today.

If there is one thing that makes me wish I wasn’t a programmer, it’s a combination of bad syntax and bad code.

Today I had the opportunity to rummage through some old VB.Net code that was handling printing, and word wrapping. The word wrapping function was written with only two or three letter variable names, and had been converted from some ancient Visual Basic source code, and was pretty much entirely uncommented. Not being super-familiar with Visual Basic, and VB.Net not being my strong point, it has taken way longer to do what I had planned to do. I probably could have re-written the word wrapping function in C# (and used things like lists, and proper variable names!) in less than half the time than I spent messing around with the old code. The only reason I didn’t, is because there are a few different things that rely on the old word wrapping function. Ugh.


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