Pre-weekend Update

Here’s a link to my partially completed list of game development related links:

Clicky McLink

That’s probably less than a half of what I have. I really need to find a better wordpress theme that can handle wider pages. If anyone knows of one, please, let me know.

In attempting to do my “five-minutes-a-day” of programming, last night I came across something interesting. I figured it would be a good idea to break my current code into two separate projects – the actual game related code and the engine related code. (Yes, I shudder when I hear the word ‘engine’ as all I can think of is a bunch of 14 year old kids hacking together various tutorials and calling it an ‘engine’). My reason for doing this is that I want to be able to grab the class library and reuse it in other projects with minimal effort. Splitting things now (rather than later) seems like the way to do it. A stitch in time saves nine.

I did discover something interesting that had me snagged for a good few minutes trying to figure out. Originally I had simply added a new Class Library to the solution, and moved things into it. However, it was missing a Content folder, like the main project has. I figured something must have been up, so I did some digging around and found out that rather than just adding a regular Class Library, I was supposed to add an XNA Class Library. I’m sure I could have wedged the regular class library in there so it would have worked, but passing around a Content object would have been a bit of a pain.


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