Mid-Week Update

I finally got around to playing the World of Goo demo. I must say it is quite impressive! For anyone else who is wondering what it is all about, go try it! It’s based on a very interesting gameplay mechanic – something that I haven’t seen done totally before. I’ve seen sandbox applications that let you build things out of spring models, but nothing quite like this before.

I did get around to doing a bit more programming last night. I’m still at the point where I’m regurgitating code from my last project (which didn’t get much of anywhere). The nice part of it is that I have a bit more on the screen to show. I’ll have to post a screenshot tonight. There still isn’t much to see (just some text on the screen that fades in/out when my test game screen loads/unloads), but things are slowly coming along. I haven’t been as dilligent in doing my “5 minutes a day” of programming, but I’m getting there.

I was thinking about things last night and this morning (on my way to work), and had the idea that I should probably be lumping all this code into a separate library, rather than into an XNA Game for Windows. That way I can grab the library and plug it into whatever I am working on, instead of having to import each file individually.

I must say, right now my only game specific code in Game.cs is about a dozen lines. The code thus far is surprisingly clean, and hopefully it will stay that way.


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