Since I don’t have any pretty pictures to show you, go check out this guy’s stuff. Just don’t forget to come back afterwards, okay? I’m particularly impressed with the videos of things on fire. I can’t wait until some entreprenising individual figures out how to simulate that kind of thing in real time.

Well, actually I can wait, otherwise I’d be doing it myself.

Last night I finally got around to cracking open the compiler for a few minutes. I forced myself to play around with some code for at least 5 minutes before I went to bed. A start, I suppose. The only thing I have to show for it is a dark blue colored window (nope, not cornflower blue). Maybe I’ll actually do something nifty on the weekend. Either that, or run some errands that need running. Here’s a list of things that I would like to do (or at least should do) on my programming list:

  • Finish writing my article about the Theory of Fun for
  • Post a whackload of links on various game development related things
  • Try some HLSL programming
  • Read up on events and event handling
  • Canabalize my last project’s code and rework it (game screen management stuff)
  • Do some concept sketches for a new game idea
  • Actually write out a partial story for previously mentioned new game idea

I doubt I’ll actually get any of that done, but hey, at least I wrote it down.


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