Tuesday Update

I’m trying something a little bit different today. I’m leaving a browser window with this post open so that I can write stuff down as I think about what to write. Then, at the end of the day I’ll publish the post.

Yesterday after work I picked up my new glasses. It’s the first time I’ve ever spent a fair bit on glasses, at least on my own. Previously I had always been covered by my parent’s plan. I settled on a pair of Oakleys on Saturday, but wasn’t able to pick them up until yesterday. The frames are decent, but I’m a bit concerned about the thickness of the lenses. I’m tempted to go back and get them upgraded to something thinner. The left lens has got to be at least half a centimeter thick, which doesn’t look that good with the style of frames I’ve got. I think next time I’ll skip glasses altogether and get laser eye surgery. I asked the optimitrist about what she thought of it, and she had a fairly high opinion of it.

I think having a full time job where I sit in front of 3 monitors for 8+ hours a day is not really helping me want to do any sort of programming at home. I’m a bit worried about burning out if I do start a heavy project at home. That, and as it is I don’t seem to get enough sleep. I don’t know what’s with that. When I was going to college I had no problems forcing myself to go to bed every night before or at 11:00 PM. Now that I’m done college and university I find that getting to bed is a lot more difficult. There’s always so much more that I’d like to do, and need to get done, and only so much time to do it in.

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