Friday Update

Well, I’m not sure how much of an update this really is, as opposed to more random mumbling about various things.

Oh, I just thought of something else that cheeses me off – software that is too smart for itself. I’ve heard numerous times about how various Windows applications are smart enough, that if you give them a file of a particular file extension, they read into the file and figure out what type the file really is, then try to open it according to what type it really is. This is all fine and jim-dandy, until someone renames a .exe to a .jpg. Here’s an idea – how about you don’t ever execute an .exe unless you are supposed to (like Windows Explorer)? You shouldn’t be able to open .exes with Internet Explorer, especially ones that have a .jpg extension. I’m guessing this originally stemmed from the problem of users not being able to open various files because the extensions had been changed, so they complained bitterly until they got their wish. But whatever. What do I know…

I really should get around to updating Todo 3.0. I’ve got a ton of ideas to implement in it, as well as a few… ‘unexpected features’ to fix. I’ve even got a few feature requests, which means someone out there is actually using it. Cool!

Oh, speaking of feature requests, if you are using Todo 3.0, feel free to let me know if there is anything you’d like added to it. I’d post my wish list of future features, but I figure I’ve already bored you enough.

I finally got around to looking at a friend’s blog. His facebook status said he was in Egypt, but I wasn’t quite sure if it meant what it said. It did! He and a friend are touring around the world. I must admit, I am jealous. I’ve got my own goal of seeing a real palm tree and a real sandy beach, but haven’t set a specific goal of when exactly I would like that to happen. They’ve got some amazing pictures as well.


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