Quick Update…

I’ll see if I can remember what I was going to post about (which isn’t much).

I got the two 23″ LCD monitors I ordered from Dell the other week. I ended up paying just over what I was expecting to pay for a single 24″ monitor for the pair. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with them yet, as I have only cracked open the one box and had it hooked up at work (for a grand total of 6.6 million pixels of display space – two 19″, a 20″ widescreen, and the 23″). It was so much LCD-ness that if I was focussing on the rightmost monitor I couldn’t see any new emails popping up from MSN Messenger. I’m amazed at how really wide the display is.

I still haven’t had time to sit down and plan out exactly what I’d like to do for my Trespasser clone. There’s definitely a few things that I would like to change, and if not well thought out it could end up being as bad* as the first Trespasser. I’m also still searching out different physics engines for XNA. There seems to be quite a few ports of Physx, which might do the trick.

*I say bad, but mean it in the nicest possible way.

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