Random Game Ideas, Part I

Just recently I have been thinking about how games can be relaxing. I think my favorite game for this is Hexic HD on the Xbox 360. There’s something about the combination of music and simple, low-stress gameplay that keeps me coming back. With that idea in mind, I thought of these ideas for relaxing games:

The Gardener – use your gardening tools and knowledge of plants to sculpt a relaxing garden. Place ponds, fountains, lanterns, flowers and trees to create a relaxing garden environment. Share your online garden with others, and watch as various butterflies, birds, and animals visit your garden.

Reflections – Navigate your character (an airplane) through a maze of clouds by looking at its reflection in a pool of water. Rather than being able to look directly at the maze, you can only see it’s reflection. Navigation becomes more and more difficult as the water becomes more turbulent and murky. The sounds of water dripping, wind blowing, and waves keep the player calm while experiencing a stress-free gameplay. On a more advanced level, lightening flashes illuminate the clouds and provide hazards for the airplane.


One comment

  1. paulecoyote

    The Gardener sounds like a more laid back and realistic Viva Pinata – def not a bad thing. The reflections one I could imagine being a beautiful game.

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