An Update Among Updates

So at work I’m getting my machine set up for dual-booting Windows XP and Windows vista. Vista is more or less up and running although I’m having to download a ton of updates for Windows itself and various other software packages (hence an update among updates). Vista really isn’t all that bad, until you find out a required piece of software won’t run on a 64-bit os. If I were at home I’d ditch the incompatible software but I don’t really have that option at work.

I haven’t done much programming in my personal time at home as I’ve been insanely busy. It seems that each night I’m busy with one thing or another (or wasting time on Facebook). I really need to take the time to sit down and hammer out a proper game design. I find every time I think about it I can’t really decide fully what I’d like to do. I’m at a toss up between making something futuristic, making a Trespasser remake/clone, or making a mix of the two.


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