Quick update….

So It’s been a while since I have done a proper update/post. This isn’t going to be a proper update/post.

I’ve been quite busy of late, over the past month or so. Moving at the end of August, picking up a new hobby (Photography – I just bought a Nikon D80), and planning a road trip in the next week and a half (along with some pre-road trip car maintenance, which I prefer to do myself) have more or less eaten what time I did have. That, and I’m trying to get through the Lord of the Rings extended versions. It’s been a while since I have seen them, and I received them for my birthday at the end of August. By the looks of things, October is going to be just as busy, if not more so than September – I’ve got a road trip at the beginning of October, Canadian Thanksgiving, Convocation, and possibly a wedding (or at least a bachelor party or two to plan). Toss some more activities in there on every second weekend, and things are looking quite busy indeed.

I should get around to posting some pictures on here, but in the mean time, check out my stuff here. More specifically, the stuff I’ve shot with the D80 here. Let me know what you think. I’ve taken a few more since then but havent had time to upload them yet.

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