Quote of the Day

I hope my old roommate, Richard, doesn’t mind me quoting him on this:

The more I log on here the more I see people get engaged. One thing you shouldn’t be worried about is marriage. Such worrying could actually hurt your chance as girls can detect such things. Some of us have different plans that our heavenly father and the Lord, Jesus Christ, has set forth for us. We should seek their council and know that they know best. It’s not always apparent to us but through such tribulations we can come to realize God’s mind and will. Whether death comes today or comes tomorrow it matterith not. What should matter is what we do with our time here. Do we waste our time or do we cherish it. Do we go about our days wasting our time or do we look upon everything with a distinct reverance. Realizing that such things that we take for granted or consider a right is yet a privelege. There are many duties that we don’t realize that when we are entrusted with them we actually stand on holy ground. Such as parenthood. Many don’t realize that they do. I would rather come to the alter prepared, ready, willing, and worthy than in a flight, riding upon the rollercoaster set forth by our friends and our feelings not upon the reverence and respect that such does deserve and merit. Which only comes with the same shown towards God. Life may not make sense, but to the Lord it does. What happens to us in life are merely due to our choices, whether good and bad, and the result there of as well as the experiences that have been foreordained and agreed upon for us to experience. Coming here was a mutual agreement. We choose to enter into it.

– Richard Woolley


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