Random mumblings…

So I feel like writing an update, but I’m not sure of what.

Over the weekend (Saturday) I did get to hike up (or rather scramble up) Heart Mountain, just West of Calgary. It was reasonably challenging – a fairly steep climb. I did get some sweet pictures which I will have to post.

I am looking to purchase a used copy of Maya 8.5. I tried using the SoftImage XSI Mod Tool, but I am really more comfortable with Maya. Having worked with it for a semester and a bit, I can instantly jump in and start doing things. It is sad though – I haven’t really used it much in the past few months, and my skills are already dropping. I downloaded the PLE (Personal Learning Edition) on my machine at home, just so I can brush up on things. That, and I’m beginning to realize how small my 17″ LCD monitors are at home. At work I’ve got a pair of 19″ and a 20″ widescreen (in the middle). I’d like to buy Maya, but it is a significant chunk of change, so that would probably result in me not buying a new computer for another year or two. I am already thinking of delaying the purchase of a new machine for a while yet – at least until I can program something that my machine can’t handle.

So, if you do see a copy of Maya 8.5 for sale at a reduced price, by all means, let me know!



  1. Joel

    To be honest, I think the UI is absolutely horrible. That, and I’m already quite capable with Maya (take a look at my facebook pictures, I’ve got some of my work in there).

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