Random Stuff Update

So I must say, I am quite impressed with an application called Digby. It basically centralizes all your various chat clients, twitter feeds, and whatever else have you into a single place. The interface seems quite smooth. I mostly started using it because I didn’t like having to keep a webpage open so I could chat with people on facebook. For anyone who is interested, I’m on Twitter now as well (http://twitter.com/JoelBennett).

So I really haven’t done any work on my Trespasser remake (or Trespasser 2, whatever you want to call it). There are a couple reasons for this. For one, I am on a computer for 8+ hours a day at work. After that I usually feel somewhat drained. Second, I’ve been quite distracted lately with other things that are going on. On weekends (or at least Saturdays) I’ve been going hiking with a group, which has been great.

So yeah, I really haven’t done much programming as of late. I would like to do more frequent blog updates though.

In the mean time, enjoy this totally awesome video of “Prey”, circa 1998:

Pretty dang amazing for it’s time, if you ask me.


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