So, in response to my previous blog post, I present to you XNARemote!

XNARemote main window

It basically turns your XBox 360 controller when used on a PC, into a Media Center remote control. It is pretty simple at this point, but it works! I thought that such a thing would be handy, especially when sitting on the couch on the opposite side of the room watching a movie on the computer.

There are a few things you need to note though – I haven’t tested it as much as I’d like, for example what happens when a controller turns off from inactivity. Also, don’t click the minimize/close buttons on the window – it doesn’t like that. Instead use the “Back” button on the controller or Alt+Tab to it and use Alt+F4 to exit. It also hijacks control of the mouse when it is being used.

The code behind it is basically making calls to the Win32 api and simulating mouse clicks and keyboard presses via PInvoke.

Anyway, feel free to download it here: click to download

The actual .exe is contained in the XNARemote\XNARemote\bin\x86\Debug folder. You will also need a decently recent version of DirectX as well as the XNA Runtime libraries (or something like that – available here). Anyway, have fun with it!



  1. Max

    Exelent! im triying it on windows 7 RC and it works well, but it doesnt let you use your mouse when the program its open, anyway it works fine for movies on the pc.

  2. lollerman

    hey man this is GREAT for watching movies or listening to music while im at the sofa, i am sooooo lazy to get up and change the song or change the volume, no i can do it with my x360 controller without moving! thanks!

  3. Joel

    I’m glad you like it. I really should get around to making an XNA Remote 2.0, especially considering how little time it took to make the first version…

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