Xbox 360 controller as a PC remote? Sure, why not?!

So the other week I had my wireless Xbox 360 controller out, and had it hooked up to my PC via a Wireless Reciever for Windows so that I could chat with my parents using the headset over MSN Messenger. (A bit of a process to set up, yes, but the headset works a lot better than the microphone that came with my computer, and it allows me to wander around the house while still being able to chat). Anyway, it got me thinking – wouldn’t it be cool if I was able to use my Xbox 360 remote to move my cursor around and click on things, or better yet – as a remote control while watching DVDs? This especially makes sense where I am living, as my computer is set up in the living room and is the “entertainment system” of the house. (The roommate who did own a TV moved out in September, so when the roommates or myself want to watch a DVD, we use the computer in the living room. Besides, the surround sound on the computer works great πŸ˜‰ ).

Anyway, after a bit of digging around (and a thread on I was able to find the correct win32 api call to make via PInvoke to simulate a mouse click. Hopefully in a few days I will post a working demo and source code.

I’d post a screenshot, but there really isn’t anything to see – just a black window and a mouse cursor. πŸ™‚



  1. Slade

    I tried to use it on win 7 (64bit) I was wondering if you could maybe find a way to make it work on 64bit win 7. But if not don’t worry about it, Thanks again!

  2. Joel

    Yeah, I’ll have to look into that. I’m now running Windows 7 x64 as well. I would have expected it to work off the bat, but from previous development with 32 bit – 64bit stuff, things never seem to work as they should.

  3. Slade

    Hey Joel, Found one that works really well…sucks that he’s charging for it. But I broke down and bought it. Don’t want to post it on your blog(unless you want me to)let me know I’ll give you the website.

  4. Slade

    Joel: It seemed to be a good program, but now that I used it for a windows 7 64bit crashes for an unknown reason. Lol guess thats what I get even though it says it works with win 7 32 or 64. Buy the way thank you for taking the time to create something and not expect anything in return. Keep up the Good work Joel! ohh if you wanna know it’s… I will send you mine if you like, can’t use it anymore anyway.

  5. Joel

    When you say that it crashes, does the app crash or does it bring down all of Windows? Given that the thing was hacked together on a Saturday afternoon, I’m not surprised if it has issues. I haven’t looked at the code since I wrote it either. If I can find the time I’ll take another look at it, or whip up a new version for anyone else that may be wanting it.

  6. Slade

    No.. I wasn’t talking about yours, I was saying XPadder does. And it brings down all of windows. Pretty crazy LOL πŸ™‚

  7. Zoroastro

    You can do it with xpadder. It can map mouse movements, arrow keys and practically every keyboard command or macro.
    Its requires certain skill at the beginning.

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