Crunch Week.

No, not the kind of crunch week at the end of a project cycle. I wish.

Nope. The crunch week I speak of is the swarm of assignments and midterms that come after reading week. For those in the dark, reading week is basically a week off of school, usually in preparation for midterm exams. Others have referred to reading week as “suicide prevention week”. Some use this time for studying and doing school work. Others use this week to go to warm tropical places and spend time under palm trees or on the beach, and come back nice and tanned.

For me, it wasn’t really any sort of a break at all. Monday was the only day that I didn’t do any school work. The rest of the week was spent working on a few assignments and doing some chores. Not much of a break. And what do I get when I get back from school? An assignment, and two midterms this week, and another assignment next week (not including the two other assignments that I completed over the so called ‘break’). Ugh.

So, I have unofficially given the week after reading week a name – Crunch Week.

On a different note, I have stumbled across some interesting thoughs from people about video game design. Some interesting stuff here and here. The basic idea is that games are a very powerful medium, and that we really haven’t done as much as we can to explore that. That, and it seems lately that there has been a lack of games that get the player emotionally involved.


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