My recent obsession with good music…

So I’ve recently become absorbed into a world of amazing music. It all started Saturday when I attended a play put on by the University of Lethbridge. I am in an introductory music class and had to do a concert review, so I decided to go to the play and do my review on that. The play was Into the Woods.

I knew that my roommate, Steven Morton, was involved in the play but I didn’t realize that he was the Baker – one of the leading roles. I was quite impressed with the music and quite impressed with the production quality. A day or two later I had a chance to borrow the soundtrack from Steven and listen to it. I’ve been listening to it waaaay too much. He also lent me the soundtrack from another musical – Wicked, which I have also been enjoying. I must say, Idina Menzel sounds absolutely amazing in the song “Defying Gravity”. (If you search around on Youtube, you can probably find it).

While discussing the vocals on the Halo 3 soundtrack samples, Steven also introduced me to Eric Whitacre. There are two tracks in particular that remind me of Halo 3 – A Boy and a Girl, and Sleep (both of which can be heard on his myspace page).


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