Crashed Watch?!

So I woke up this morning and my watch (a 6 or 7 year old Timex Expedition), which normally displays the time (as watches ought to do) is displaying “745007” on the top line of the LCD where the day and month is normally shown. This happened a few weeks ago. Strangely enough the all knowing oracle has little to say about it. Perhaps its finally time to replace the original battery…

I have to hand it to timex – they do make pretty amazing watches. Would I buy another? Sure! (Of course that will probably be another 6.5 years after I replace the battery in this one… 😛 ).



  1. Brian

    I found my old Timex Expedition watch that has a Mobil Speed Pass in it and it;s displaying the same thing. Odd that there is nothing on the intarwebs about it, except this blog post.

  2. Brian

    it was a trial run from what i understand.


    How does the Speedpass-enabled Timex Watch work?

    The watch is a regular Timex timepiece and the Speedpass transponder is located in the watchband, directly above the 12 o’clock position. Due to the limited read range of approximately one inch or less, position the watchband directly in front of the reader. The reader will light up only if the watchband is within one inch or less.

    Speedpass-enabled Timex watches were offered to customers as part of a market test conducted by Speedpass and Timex. The market test has concluded and no new Speedpass-enabled Timex watches are available for sale at this time.

    I fired off an email to Timex.. hopefully I’ll hear back from them in the next 24 hours..

    I wonder how much I could get for it on eBay.. lol

  3. Joel

    My guess is that the watch battery itself is probably dying, just like mine did. If all else fails, go get a new battery and pop it in, reset the watch (there is a metal contact on the back of the watch, not too far from the battery that you press down for a few seconds), and see if it still gives the same problem.

    As for the SpeedPass, my guess is that it is just some sort of glorified RFID tag. Depending on the type of tag, it may or may not require a battery to operate.

  4. Brian

    The SpeedPass is a RFID tag.. source wikipedia

    There are no batteries for the little RFID bug..

    Speedpass key tags do not require batteries and are powered by the signal from the Speedpass reader at the gas pump, in-store terminal, or car wash kiosk. Your Speedpass key tag will function indefinitely. (source )

    Still waiting to hear back from Timex.. still very odd that the error code, or whatever 745007 is, is not documented anywhere…

  5. Shane

    Today my Timex Marathon just went wacko and started restarting over and over again, about 7 to 10 times in 2 second intervals and as it did this it displayed the numbers 745007 where it normally displays the day of the week and then the day of the year…

    any ideas…it seams my watch did the same thing Joel’s did… but i just got the battery replaced 2 days ago…???

  6. Joel

    You might try opening the back and holding down the reset “button” for a few seconds, then set the time/date, etc. Also, if the battery was an old one (who knows how long it sat on the store shelf?) it could be dying from a dead battery.

  7. jdmartin

    My Timex displayed this error today. I’m heading to the battery shop and I’ll post if the new battery fixed it.

    Thanks for posting about “745007″

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