My first Halo 3 LAN experience…

So last night I got together with a few fellows from the New Media department and played some Halo 3 on the LAN in the Residence buildings (on-campus housing). I have done Halo 3 multiplayer once before, when a friend came over and we played some 3 player co-op and slayer. This was going to be a little different – a 16-player LAN game.

For the first three or so games, there were 4 teams of 4. We were usually dominated, and the last game resulted in a tie between the top two teams, so they wanted to have a tie-breaker. Okay, so we are fine with that. But what do they do? They boot us from the game. Rather than having two concurrent games, they decide to boot the two teams that aren’t in the tie-breaker. Since we didn’t really appreciate this, we had a little fun – we joined in to their lobby just before they were about to start the game, which resulted in some profanity from the other team, the game being put to an end, and us being booted out. Just for being so cranky, we decided to have a little more fun – we joined again and started switching between teams. I’m not sure how they did it, but they managed to give us another swift boot out.

Eventually we got sick of messing with them and did our own 4-player game. (Yeah! Nothing like 4-player split screen game on a 19″ CRT TV! It was actually quite playable and quite fun). I did discover that I am better at aiming the rocket launcher while flying through the air than while sitting/running on the ground. Strange, eh?

I must admit, I haven’t had that much fun being a griefer before…



  1. craigyip

    16 Player LAN, that sounds amazing!! Musta have been a lot of pretty kit out there that day!!! (4 Xboxes, 4 tv’sand 4 copies of Halo AT LEAST :D)

  2. Joel

    Well, I was only in the one dorm room, and we had a smallish standard HD tv, so it wasn’t really anything special equipment wise. I didnt’ see what the other guys were using, as they were in other rooms but if I had to guess, I would say it wouldn’t have been anything fancy (university students and all 😛 ).

    That brings me to an interesting point I will have to write about some time – it isn’t necessarily the quality of the equipment being used, but it is about the quality of the media on the equipment.

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