How Rare Recruits Graduates – Pick Me!

I came across this interesting article on Gamasutra today about how Rare recruits graduates:

link (Note: registration might be required to view it, but you can see a short snippet of it here).

For those who may be too lazy to read the whole thing, the basic jyst of the article is that Rare sends some of their employees to the Universities that they originally attended to give lectures on various topics. This piques the interest of the students who are into game development, and gives them a chance to learn more about it. This also gives Rare a chance to see who is interested in working for them. This is different than the other way of doing things – sending out people from the company with the specific intent of hiring new recruits from the top schools when they are about ready to graduate. The article states that this causes beginning salaries to be way higher than they ought to be, and isn’t good for anyone in the end.

I found it to be a rather interesting read, especially as amateur game developer who will soon be done school. I can definitely see how this would be beneficial to both the students being hired and the company doing the hiring.

Would I work for Rare? Sure!


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